Exam Review and Preparation Guidance

Exam review and preparation is a special service for students who are struggling to prepare for their exam. Students struggle a lot in their academic careers where they have to mitigate the workload and academic stress which results in students sleeping in classrooms or bunking lectures. JustTutoring understands students’ problems and provides an effective solution to all the students out there, struggling in different academic fields.

JustTutoring assists customers in exam preparation by making notes and providing an effective solution for preparing effectively. All you have to do is to send detailed module lectures and assignments to us, and we will compile all the relevant and appropriate data into a summary and provide you with one of the best tutor’s to learn from, This service is specifically designed for the students that have attended lectures off and on. The service is also applicable for an open book exam where we sum up the module learning and make it a summary. By learning or using the summarized academic content, the student can get higher grades.


  • All Tutors are PhD Qualified,
  • Learn in your own language, let student chose a Native or British Tutor, (like Arabic + Chinese tutor)
  • Pass Plus Assurance (if you attended our session and didn’t pass, we give you another 5 hours session for free, T&Cs apply)
  • Study Online or Learn in your own City
  • Study One 2 One, and Group of 2 or 3 3 students to ensure productivity and maintain focus.
  • Tea, Coffee, Free sandwiches in you get hungry while studying